Practice. Grow. Build.

Go far with the Archos Advisors Practice Expansion & Growth Program

In this workshop series, participants will:

  1. Assess and expand innate entrepreneurial talent

  2. Discuss personalized results of the BP 10 and CliftonStrengths Assessments

  3. Develop one service or product idea with a strong, viable business model to promote growth

  4. Enhance leadership processing and entrepreneurial thinking to drive practice growth & expansion

  5. Implement best practices on creating a supportive infrastructure for all products & services


Archos Advisors Builder Academy Program Includes 4 Sessions

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Session 1: Foundation Building

This one day, on-site session will provide a foundational overview of Entrepreneurial Thinking and Process, with emphasis on why it’s important for leaders to work “on the business” versus “in the business”.

Participants will develop self-awareness by identifying the kind of Builders they are and learn to recognize growth and expansion opportunities and resources.


Session 2: Developing the Proof

This virtual, 1.5-hour session will delve into proof of concept and proof of market for new ideas.

Participants will be asked to being 2-3 ideas for new or expanded practices and services to workshop together. Activities will include storyboarding, developing business models and customer segments, and refining ideas and next steps.


Session 3: Builder Forum

This virtual, 1.5-hour session will further explore the new ideas workshopped in Session 2.

Participants will attend with a business model canvas for one of their ideas and share their activities, progress, successes, and lessons learned through development.


Session 4: Creating Sustainable Demand

This one day, on-site session will complete the series by equipping leaders to deepen market strategy, generate economic and customer energy, and accelerate growth.

Participants will bring the results of their idea activation, testing, and experimentation from previous sessions to further develop the tools to maximize team relationships and sustain momentum. Builders will leave this session equipped with actionable next steps and long-term accountability.


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