The Power of Feedback

Professionals are often challenged by the concept of feedback.  Most crave it, but are sometimes anxious in receiving it and will definitely shy away from giving it. Beyond that, there are professionals/leaders who say they want feedback, ask for it, but then when they get the feedback, they reject it and/or don’t believe that it is worth listening to.   If you are a leader, and you don’t value feedback, you are missing out on opportunity and you are depriving your team of growth.

A leader’s view and ability to value feedback goes to mindset - what he or she thinks about feedback.  One of the best mindsets to have is this:  Feedback is Information, and information is Power - the power to change, the power to create, the power to move, the power to evolve, the power to innovate.  Without feedback, you do not learn.  Without feedback, your team members don’t learn.

To promote learning, feedback can be positive or developmental. Both are useful.  Too much of one or the other isn’t bad, but every performer craves both and will notice the absence of either.

As a leader, commit to helping your team members grow and develop.  Give them feedback – both positive and developmental – with the intent of helping them achieve higher levels of performance.  AND, commit to being a better leader – ask for feedback, and even if not given in the most effective way, be open to it and not defensive.  Listen.  Reflect on what you can learn from it to get better.