Using Learning to Fight Demonetization

Leaders often acknowledge the importance of learning to themselves and their organizations. However, how many of them see it as critical to survival and as a driver for monetary growth? The article linked above indicates “Knowledge is the new money.” The new money. Let that sink in. Said differently, organizations that don’t build in learning as a core competency risk losing market share or worse, being disrupted unexpectedly and being replaced.

In contrast, organizations and leaders that build a core process around learning succeed. They are more “future ready”, can spot and better understand “signals of change”, and drive innovation. Moreover, they identify opportunities to fight against or stem the demonetization or commoditization of their own products or services over time.

The lesson for leaders: build learning as a personal fundamental and also as an organizational priority. Push beyond formal learning events to considering how you are embedding learning within the culture and within the team.

Personal Leadership Growth Questions: 1) Think about how much time you have personally invested in learning in the past week (i.e., reading, listening, watching)? What outcomes were achieved? How did you put that learning into action? 2) Consider your organization. How are you reinforcing the priority of learning as an organizational initiative? How are you promoting the importance of learning beyond events – reading and self-development, taking on new responsibilities or skills, and/or asking for feedback or coaching? Is your team seeded with lifelong learners?

Lead On!