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Sales Training

Targeted training to help you close more sales and open more opportunities

You have a unique customer base and value proposition; understanding them both is only the beginning. 

Archos Advisors goes well beyond the basics of general sales techniques to provide your team with the specific knowledge and skills they need to succeed. As specialists in SalesGame and other methodologies, we help professionals in all industries better represent their services and convert more prospects. But you don’t have to take our word for it—you can read our words about it. 

Strategic Selling

Hone in on the ability to sell

Today, often growth is driven by acquisitions or merger, however, a critical aspect of sustainable
economic success is organic growth – the ability to sell. SalesGame is a proven process used by professionals to sell
their services. In this workshop, professionals and teams learn:

  • The SalesGame six-stage process that leads to enthusiastic clients.
  • A common vocabulary and language to facilitate communication and collaboration around prospects and
    referral sources.
  • A structured planning process and tools to elevate performance and effectiveness in sales meetings.

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