Strategic Selling Workshop

utilizing SalesGame

“You demonstrate how you serve by how you sell.”

-Steve Strelsin


You have a unique customer base and value proposition; understanding them both is only the beginning. 

Archos Advisors goes well beyond the basics of general sales techniques to provide your team with the specific knowledge and skills they need to succeed. As specialists in SalesGame and relationship selling, we help professionals generate and create enthusiastic clients. But you don’t have to take our word for it—you can read our words about it. 


Strategic Selling Workshop

Targeted training to help you close more sales and open more opportunities

This training is for individuals and teams within organizations who want to learn how to sell or strengthen their ability to get results.  Participants in this skill-building experience will learn:

  • A client-centric sales process and discipline

  • How to uncover and understand needs and shape the service to meet those needs

  • Fundamental skills and tools that promote long-term behavior change and strong execution.

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