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Tom Porter


Tom Porter

Tom is an Organizational Development (OD) consultant specializing in the areas of organization and people strategy, client service excellence, and business development culture. His areas of expertise and practice include: selection, development and retention of people, executive coaching (personal and professional growth), client relationship management, professional selling, strategic planning, and organizational health.

Tom co-founded the OD consulting firm Aspire! LLC in 2001 with Diane Brown, which was rebranded to Archos Advisors with the addition of David Graham to the firm in 2015. Previous to his independent consulting career, Tom spent 30 years with the regional CPA firm Olive LLP (now BKD LLP), 20 of those years as a partner and the firm’s Director of Human Resources and 7 years as the firm’s Director of Marketing. Tom is a CPA (inactive) with an undergraduate degree in Personnel Administration and MBA in Organizational Psychology and Group Dynamics. Tom’s extracurricular pursuits include; travel, reading, theater, bird watching and wildlife treks, and sharing good food, wine and conversation with friends.

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