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Grow Well, Go Far 20

At Archos, we believe our purpose in the world is to help leaders Grow Well and Go Far. As we celebrate two decades of working to help people do exactly that, we’re marking the occasion with memories, inspiration, and a few lessons learned along the way. We’re calling it the “Grow Well, Go Far 20” and invite you to celebrate with us.

For the next several months, we’ll be sharing our thoughts on the evolving world of leadership and change management, expressing our gratitude for the trust you’ve placed in us over the years, and celebrating the 20th Anniversary milestone with you.

A paper airplane soars over three people relaxing in front of a large 20

Grow Well, Go Far 20

Diane and David testing massage chairs at the airport A two teir 20th anniversary cake A 4-piece band playing a live concert

In honor of our 20 years, you’ll see us:

  1. Enjoy a 20th year team cookout with our families
  2. Engage in more random, spontaneous fun – e.g., try out the massage chairs in the airport!
  3. Attend American Aquarium concert @ the HiFi
  4. Thank our mentors – send a special note or call them to say thank you
  5. Make a donation of needed goods to the St. Vincent House
  6. Share gratitude with clients in different ways (e.g., a lunch, a dinner or activity on site, special gift, etc.)
  7. Go to Paisley Park in Minneapolis
  8. Cook or donate a meal for families at the St. Vincent House
  9. Send notes of gratitude all year long to those who have impacted our practice positively (past clients, current clients, strategic partners, etc.)
  10. Do something fun to explore off site leadership development training site
  11. Field Trip to Gretchell Amplifiers
  12. Identify a business to take a tour of and learn about
  13. Try something new or out of our comfort zone!
  14. Complete random acts of kindness during trips (in the airport, for the Uber driver, at the hotel, for the client, etc.)
  15. Capture client testimonials in a unique and fun way
  16. Host a luncheon for key relationship partners in Indianapolis
  17. Host NCAA party in March 2023
  18. Go to Maker’s Mark to taste our barrel of bourbon – barrel birthdate was Jan 1. 2017 – expected maturity Jan 2023-July 2024!