Employee Engagement Workshop

measuring and creating employee engagement

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”

-Doug Conant


Ever notice that some companies have employees bending over backward to give and do more, while others have staff just barely doing the minimum to stay employed?

Archos Advisors knows why. And we know how to turn your worker bees into engaged, productive, energized humans.  

Archos Advisors applies research-backed systems and trainings to bring out the best in your employees. Best of all, our relationship-based model means we won’t just set the stage and say sayonara—we’ll support you on your journey to create and sustain a highly-engaged team!

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Employee Engagement Workshop and Process

Unlock High Performance

Our work with organizations on employee engagement starts with a simple 30 to 45-minute discovery conversation at no charge. This conversation enables our team to learn more about your desired outcomes and answer your questions about the process for measuring and creating engagement.  Should you want to proceed following discovery, the process will include:

  • Baseline measurement of engagement using Gallup’s Q12 survey

  • Half-day workshop session with leaders to promote understanding engagement, review survey results, and prepare leaders for action planning

  • Support and tools for action planning to create engagement

  • Collaboration and coaching for sustainability.

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