The New Employee Value Proposition-It’s Not (only) About the Money

For every successful for-profit business, there are three essential value propositions: Pre-COVID, new employee expectations were emerging and the EVP was shifting. Instead of simply putting in the work in exchange for a strong salary, good benefits and an annual review, employees at all levels were seeking greater development, work/life integration, ongoing performance conversations, less […]

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Enhance Strategic Leadership By Zooming In and Out

close up on media production video camera

In 2011, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, a world-renowned author and Harvard professor, noted the ability to Zoom In and Zoom Out as a critical leadership and strategic thinking skill.  She related it to the zoom function on a camera – being able to zoom in on finer details or certain aspects that might need attention OR […]

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Re-Strengthening Social Capital

a group of unrecognizable people holding plants growing in soil

In business, we often focus on the importance of capital – financial capital and human capital, but there is another form of capital that deserves every leader’s attention: social capital.  It is the often unseen glue that holds teams together, provides a sense of belonging, fuels engagement, lowers turnover, facilitates knowledge sharing, and undergirds both […]

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Re’ing in 2023

Circular Ribbons with RETHINK REVISE RESET

Most people are accustomed to “ringing” in the new year.  We often do it with a lot of fanfare and celebration, including parties, food, and even fireworks.  However, there is another aspect to the transition of the calendar, and that is the opportunity for “Re’ing”.  No, it’s not a typo, and Yes, it’s a made-up […]

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