When Winning Overshadows Performance

Mike Krzyzewski, head basketball coach at Duke University, is known to be a great leader, demanding coach, and a stickler for performance.  One of his quotes that resonates in both sports and business is “When you win, sometimes it overshadows a poor performance.” Today, I see companies face this challenge, perhaps without even realizing it.  There […]

Unlocking and Unleashing Strengths

One of our Archos team members, Tom Porter, often says, “You do best what you like to do best!”, and the research on strengths proves he is right.  So, why don’t managers and employers take advantage of innate talents or strengths? The data is actually quite surprising on how often they don’t.  Gallup’s research has found […]

Promoting Learning by Combatting the Forgetting Curve

Training and development is critical for every organization, and most invest heavily in learning each year. Training topics can include technical, technology or process updates, leadership or “soft” skills, and revenue generation (e.g., sales, innovation, practice development, etc.) just to name a few.  With the current dynamic work environment, new requirements for learning are almost […]

Flexing Your Inner Agility

Having agility is often associated with physical movements such as dance, sports, or working out, and having it is frequently highlighted as a great asset.

Being Present

Just like golfers in any tournament, leaders at every level must know how to be present in the moment.  It might be in making a decision, participating in or leading a team meeting, or having a one-on-one conversation with a team member.