How to Meet the Expectations of Transparency

One of the most powerful things you can do is arm your people with information to make a greater contribution to the organization, and that includes the financial picture.

Promoting and Accepting Feedback

Feedback is Information, and information is Power – the power to change, the power to create, the power to move, the power to evolve, the power to innovate.  Without feedback, you do not learn.  Without feedback, your team members don’t learn.

Are You Empowering “Builders” to Unlock Economic Energy?

What is a “Builder”? A Builder, as defined by Gallup, is one who creates economic energy where none previously existed. Builders start new ventures or create something within an existing organization: a business line, product or service, strategic initiative, or a new team. These creations all come with the goal of driving the new or existing organization forward […]

The Importance of Practicing Compassion

It is not uncommon for leaders who have held positions of power for a long time to start to feel more distant from employees.  This does not mean that they don’t care about employees or understand the importance of people to their business.   Rather, it means that due to the function of their role, […]

Is Cognitive Dissonance Hurting Your Team Development?

Cognitive dissonance: The state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change. This describes the current state of American management.  It’s become universally accepted among leaders across the planet that people are an organization’s greatest asset.  In the course of our practice, we have the opportunity to […]

Cultivating and Using Curiosity

When I started consulting seventeen years ago, I asked one of my mentors who was a very successful businessman to share with me what characteristics he felt made a successful consultant.  One of the qualities on the list was “intellectual curiosity: the ability to abstract”.  While this is a critical aspect of being an effective consultant, […]