The Importance of a Purpose-Driven Organization

A significant change over the past few decades is the shift of employees looking for work that offers a solid pay check and stability to employees seeking meaningful work and purpose. While purpose and meaning has always been part of the equation, it is a much higher priority for team members now.  Beyond the importance […]

Cultivate Elastic Thinking to be “Future Relevant”

In the business environment, change is constant and future readiness is essential. To compete and be ready, we must develop new knowledge and skills to stay current with globalization, new applications of technologies, and the rapid pace of innovation in business models and products/services.  However, to maintain relevance, we must also promote and engage in […]

The Power of Coaching

Everybody needs a coach – that is, if you want them to be as good as they can be. Coaches provide powerful opportunities for growth.

The Best Leaders Know It’s Not About Them

One of the best pieces of feedback I ever received was, “It’s not about you, it’s about them.” It came when I was rehearsing for a workshop.  During my preparation, I was laser-focused on my performance – what I was doing and how it would be perceived. Was I making my points clearly enough? Was my […]

Are you Growing or Dying? 5 Key Ways to Grow and Develop

Every day presents an opportunity for growth.  “Are you growing or dying?” It’s a question Coach Lou Holtz often asks during his presentations, and I’ve been very fortunate to see him speak several times.  Each time I am inspired by the personal examples he shares and his stories of how continuous growth propels success.  I […]

Two of the Most Important Questions You Should Ask When Starting a Change Process

Organizations make decisions that create change every day, from structure, mergers, acquisitions, processes, technology, service models and methods, etc.  It is what comes after the decision to change that determines the difference between success and failure.   To lay the foundation for success, start any change process with two questions: 1. From a business perspective, […]