Practicing with a Purpose

Two years ago I decided to take up the game of golf. After a few lessons, I bravely invited my husband, a high school golf coach, to watch me practice on the driving range. Five minutes in, he asked me a question that has made me better both in golf and in business. His question […]

Being Strategic During Recovery

Stress is a part of daily life and comes in many forms. “Negative” stress can come from work, tough family situations, health issues, time limitations, or challenging issues.  However, we can also experience “positive” stress from challenging ourselves physically or mentally through exercise, skill-building, study, or other types of new learning. Recovery is what happens […]

The Value of Nontraditional Mentoring

What is mentoring? In the traditional sense of the word, mentoring is when one offers wisdom, knowledge, experience or advice to others to help them progress in their career and life. Typically, in businesses that offer mentoring programs, the Mentor is someone with more tenure and experience. That person is paired with a Mentee, someone […]

Who is Your Talent Architect?

On a recent trip, my family and I had a chance to tour The Star in Frisco, TX.  The Star is the home of the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters. Now, before you think this is all about team or sports, consider this:  the Dallas Cowboys is the most valuable sports franchise in the world, currently […]

Beyond the Assessment: So What? Now What?

In our consulting practice, we use different assessments, two of which are Gallup’s CliftonStrengths® and Builder Profile 10.  It is not uncommon for a prospect or a client to really dial in on the aspect of an assessment. They want to know: “What will it tell me?” “What does the report look like?” “What will it show?” […]

Evolving From Employees to Entrepreneurs

Build your high potential employees into entrepreneurs – not so they can run their own company someday, but more importantly, so that they are available and capable of driving the success of yours. Your organization’s future depends on it.