How Many of Your People Are in the “Transfer Portal”?

If you aren’t familiar with it, there is a growing phenomenon in collegiate sports: the Transfer Portal. This portal allows any collegiate athlete to “transfer” away from their current team to another program if they desire. The portal is proving to be a disruptive force to teams, cultures, and the spirit of college athletics itself […]

Three Leadership Implications of the Shifting Workplace Values System

Not only the expectations have shifted but the fundamental value systems upon which workplaces were built have shifted, and to continue to thrive as organizations and retain talent, we must shift with it.     

Are you Leveraging the $10,000 Hour?

In professional services, there is a trap that many fall into – defining the value of our time by our billing rate. There are many challenges that arise from that, but one of the biggest is that we tend to prioritize our time by the “billable” hour and discount the potential value provided by “non-billable” […]

Leading with a Bias for Action

As defined by Wikipedia, bias is a disproportionate weight in favor of or against an idea or thing. Having a “bias for action” doesn’t mean simply taking action – it means putting a disproportionate weight on action, which is why it can be elusive for some. Leaders or leadership teams with a bias for action…

Defining Excellence

Several years back, I had the opportunity to read a “playbook” that was created by Lou Holtz when he was coaching the South Carolina Gamecocks. What I loved about the playbook was that it wasn’t what you might imagine as a football “play” book with X’s and O’s, and offensive or defensive plays. Rather, it was […]

The Courage to Execute Strategy

Because my entire career has been in the professional services environment, I have always been a big fan of David Maister and his work. David Maister, now retired, was a Harvard Business School professor who dedicated his research and work to the field of professional services. Right around the same time we founded our consulting […]