Activating Performance and Accountability

Performance is at the heart of strategic talent management, and the company’s ability to unlock human potential by activating performance and accountability can make a significant difference in the process outcomes.

Right People: Selecting for Talent

Selecting talent and selecting FOR talent, are two different things. To be most successful, strategic talent management calls for talent-based selection or selecting for talent.

Right Players. Right Roles. Right Times. Step One.

Strategic talent management in professional sports is a business imperative every season, and it is built into how they think and work.

The Best Leaders Are Replaceable (And They Know It)

If you’re a leader or a CEO, one of your top priorities in building a healthy and sustainable organization is to lessen the dependence on you. In other words, you need to intentionally “work yourself out of a job.” It doesn’t mean that you don’t lead. You still will. It’s how you lead that ensures your organization will be sustainable.

Five Roles of People Managers During Change

People Managers are a key change enabling role for any organization. Your People Managers are your team leaders, supervisors, and direct managers – anyone charged with actively supporting and supervising employees to deliver results.

What is Your Rallying Cry Right Now?

In this time of COVID-19 change and uncertainty, many of our game plans have been significantly disrupted. Businesses and leadership teams find themselves “on their heels” feeling like they are in a constant mode of reaction and defense to the new developments of the day or week. One strategy to shift from defense to offense is to establish a temporary “rallying cry”.