The Best Leaders Are Replaceable (And They Know It)

If you’re a leader or a CEO, one of your top priorities in building a healthy and sustainable organization is to lessen the dependence on you. In other words, you need to intentionally “work yourself out of a job.” It doesn’t mean that you don’t lead. You still will. It’s how you lead that ensures your organization will be sustainable.

Five Roles of People Managers During Change

People Managers are a key change enabling role for any organization. Your People Managers are your team leaders, supervisors, and direct managers – anyone charged with actively supporting and supervising employees to deliver results.

What is Your Rallying Cry Right Now?

In this time of COVID-19 change and uncertainty, many of our game plans have been significantly disrupted. Businesses and leadership teams find themselves “on their heels” feeling like they are in a constant mode of reaction and defense to the new developments of the day or week. One strategy to shift from defense to offense is to establish a temporary “rallying cry”.

How You Communicate In Uncertain Times Matters

One of the most effective practices we have at our disposal in uncertain times is communication. Let’s look at why.

Is Your Leadership Style Helping or Hurting Your Organization?

The difference between boss and coach in both behavior and impact is stark. Recent research done by Gallup finds that today’s workforce responds better to expectations, exhibits higher performance, and stays more engaged when they know they’re being managed by someone invested in their development. 

What Do You See?

As leaders, we owe it to ourselves and our team members to push the boundaries and engage with the art of what is possible rather than be limited by what is obvious.