To Get Big Results, Think Small

I was recently on a phone call with a client who is in the middle of an overwhelming amount of day-to-day work and trying to balance that with a focus on accomplishing a significant strategic initiative. In the phone call, my client said, “They aren’t big, but we are making small incremental changes, and we’ll […]

Out of Sight: The Impact of Visibility on Career Opportunities

“Out of sight, out of mind.” It’s a cliché saying that we’ve all heard, but it is so true. In this current age of multiple tasks, activities, and priorities constantly vying for our attention, anything or anyone who is not “on the list” may not draw our eye. The same applies to people and relationships. […]

Is the Role of the Office Changing?

Do you remember the first office you worked in? If you were like me, the office was one of the considerations for where you would work. Where was it located? What was it like? Were there offices/cubes? How did it feel? I still remember walking into the elevator after one of my office interviews and […]

3 Leadership Musts to Lead Change Well

If you lead, you lead change. Period. And your leadership makes a difference. In fact, the data shows that leadership makes the biggest difference when it comes to change. Prosci, a global research firm with the largest body of change management data, has found that: The #1 contributor to successful change is active and visible sponsorship from leaders. […]

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Flexing Your Inner Agility

According to, the definition of agility is “the power of moving quickly and easily; nimbleness; or the ability to think and draw conclusions quickly; intellectual acuity ” Having agility is often associated with physical movements such as dance, sports, or working out, and having it is frequently highlighted as a great asset. As the second piece of the […]

Leadership Lessons Learned from a Humble Farmer

Because I have spent my entire career in professional services, it is not often that clients or connections associate me with agriculture or farming. However, it is someone from this industry, a humble farmer named Tom, who has had the greatest impact on my career.