Auditing Your Talent Pool

The talent pools in your organization should fuel succession and strategy. That’s the big picture. That is also where there is often a disconnect in the integration with strategic talent management.

Activating Performance and Accountability

Performance is at the heart of strategic talent management, and the company’s ability to unlock human potential by activating performance and accountability can make a significant difference in the process outcomes.

Right People: Selecting for Talent

Selecting talent and selecting FOR talent, are two different things. To be most successful, strategic talent management calls for talent-based selection or selecting for talent.

Right Players. Right Roles. Right Times. Step One.

Strategic talent management in professional sports is a business imperative every season, and it is built into how they think and work.

The Best Leaders Are Replaceable (And They Know It)

If you’re a leader or a CEO, one of your top priorities in building a healthy and sustainable organization is to lessen the dependence on you. In other words, you need to intentionally “work yourself out of a job.” It doesn’t mean that you don’t lead. You still will. It’s how you lead that ensures your organization will be sustainable.

Five Roles of People Managers During Change

People Managers are a key change enabling role for any organization. Your People Managers are your team leaders, supervisors, and direct managers – anyone charged with actively supporting and supervising employees to deliver results.